Thursday, March 21, 2013

why saturday mornings?

i was talking on the phone with a friend last saturday morning. it was around 9 am and she mentioned that she wasn't sure if she'd called too early. i laughed, confessing we had still been in bed, but it was ok (especially because her reason for calling was to tell me she was having twins!). i then said that john and i have talked about how we want to enjoy our saturday mornings, just the two of us, before we have kids. and for us, that means sleeping in!

i thought a little more about this after we got off the phone. this really is a special time in our lives. once we start growing our family, things will be very different. and while we are excited for that time to come, we also realize and value the importance of living in the present. and that was when i knew saturday mornings was the perfect name for this blog.

saturday mornings are...

sleeping in...

having sleepovers on our couch...

making delicious breakfasts and taking the time to savor them...

exploring where we live.

saturday mornings are for living life slowly, intentionally, soaking in moments, enjoying each other, and being thankful for each one we're given.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a fresh start

well, hi there! starting a new blog is always a little awkward, right? there's no history; a rhythm of writing and interacting hasn't been established yet. just you and me. the only way to do it is to just go for it, i suppose.

welcome to everyone visiting from my old blog. and welcome to everyone new, too!

life for me looks pretty different since i stepped away from blogging last year. on august 11 i gave up being a champ(ignon) to become a beckler - one of the best decisions of my life. john and i have been married a little over 7 months, yet it does feel like we've been husband and wife forever. (in a good way!)

i've been feeling the urge to start writing again, and i hope to use this blog as a place to keep memories of our first years of marriage, as well as share what's on my heart. there will probably be random posts of nonsensical silliness from time to time. after all, laughter is the best medicine.

in that spirit, i can't think of a better way to end this first post than to give you a little taste of what married life is like around here. here's a recent facebook post from john:

so sarah wakes me up this morning at 6am to help her turn off her alarm cuz both her hands were asleep. she looked like a dazed t-rex. just flailing and shouting "i cant feel my hands, I CANT FEEL MY HANDS!"