Monday, January 6, 2014

a month of mondays

last christmas was a pretty tight time financially for us, and john and i decided to forgo gifts for one another. this year was a bit better and honestly, i think we missed the fun of giving each other presents. so we set a budget and got to it. christmas morning, john handed me an envelope and a gift bag and instructed me to open the envelope first.

inside was a card in which he had written that his gift to me this year was a "month of mondays." mondays just so happen to be my least favorite day of the week. (anyone else with me?) what can i say? i really enjoy weekends full of time with my husband, friends, church family, and having the chance to work on projects and goals for myself.

so my wonderful husband has a card for me for every monday in january and included with each card a gift or two to help make mondays a day to look forward to.

this honestly may be the most thoughtful gift i've ever received.

this morning, i was treated to breakfast and this evening there is a bottle of wine awaiting my return from work. monday, you and i may be friends one day yet.

and in case this post is too sappy, let me also share what happened last evening after i'd opened the first card for today. not twenty minutes after i'd posted about the sweetness of his gift on facebook did i lean in to give john a hug. my cheek was pressed against his ear and apparently with the hoodie, scarf, leg warmers and blanket i was wrapped in, i had gotten quite warm to the touch. my thoughtful husband said to me, "wow, your face is fat! ... uh, i dunno what just happened ... i mean ... that's not the word i wanted ... hot! your face is hot!" second time in a week that man has made me laugh so hard i cried.

you just never know what you're going to get with that guy!

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  1. I absolutely love this!! Thoughtful gifts are may absolute fav! The tall redhead went quite thoughtful on me as well this Christmas. Enjoy your month of fabulous Mondays! :)